To adjust the sensitivity of your Blow Switch, you can use the supplied precision screwdriver to access the screw which changes the pressure required to complete the camera circuit. The Blow Switch is supplied at its most sensitive setting, i.e. it requires the least amount of pressure from the 'blow' to activate the switch. Any adjustment done from the supplied setting is only to increase the required pressure, i.e. to require a stronger 'blow'.

Using the screwdriver (or anything else pointy and sharp), place the tip on the switch at the position where the black lines cross on the cover sticker. This is deliberately positioned to provide easy access to the adjustable screw which controls the sensitivity of the Blow Switch.

Apply a small amount of pressure to puncture through the cover sticker, and then bore the remainder of the sticker that is covering the hole containing the adjustable screw.

Once you have done this, you should be able to see the small screw in the hole. Turning this anti-clockwise will increase the required pressure, or decrease the Switch's sensitivity. Adjust until you find your perfect setting.

Turning the screw clockwise decreases the required pressure, or increases the Switch's sensitivity, however as the Blow Switch is supplied set at its most sensitive, any intial clockwise turning will close the contact elements within the switch and your camera will fire automatically.

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