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    Q. What are the custom molded right angle connectors?
    A. These are made either where the camera connector is bought in pre-wired, but is only available in a straight out orientation, or if the connector is fully wired and formed buy us. We use a heat moldable thermoplastic to form a new connector in a right angle. Due to the nature of the plastic, once it has been heated up to mold, we have limited time to shape the plastic to the correct shape before it cools and sets solid. The connector will be right angled, and while every attempt will be made to give a smooth look, it may be a little rough around some edges and not have perfect aesthetics, but this will not affect operation or protection of the inner parts of the connector. The thermoplastic currently used has a softening point of 62 degrees Celsius, so please ensure that you do not expose the connector to temperatures in this region.

    Q. Can I use a Sky Switch as a bite switch?
    A. It is not recommended, but if you are gentle when you bite down, then it may be possible to use it as a bite switch. You do risk damaging the outer sleeve more when using it this way, but the wiring underneath should be protected from gentle bites. Please note that replacements will not be issued for switches that develop a fault due to being used as a bite switch.

    Q. My camera isn't listed, can you make a switch for it?
    A. Possibly. Get in touch with the details of your camera and I will let you know whether I can make a switch for it or not.

    Q. What if my switch breaks?
    A. If you've had a good life out of it, and it has been well used, then may it Rest In Piece. It served you well. If it arrives damaged, or breaks after only a little use, then please get in touch and I will help sort things out. See below for more details on the returns process.

    Q. Why are Sky Switches and Sky Switch Adaptors so much cheaper than others?
    A. We are not an established brand. If we were at the same price point, people would choose the established brand every time. We have also ensured that our switches are as affordable as possible by keeping our costs down as low as possible. You still may prefer the design and feel of the other established brands, but we are here to give everyone more choice.

    Shipping and lost items

    Q. How are the switches and adaptors shipped?
    A. In the UK they are usually sent second class via Royal Mail. Larger orders will be upgraded depending on the size of the order. Orders outside the UK are sent via either airmail or tracked airmail, or where tracking is not available via signed for airmail, both via Royal Mail. Depending on the country being delivered to, the tracking level does appear to vary. Some countries the tracking is all the way to the destination, with other countries it is only tracked within the UK. Please see the Royal Mail website for more info, or ask if unsure. Delivery time can vary, so please be patient. A recent order to the USA took one month. Larger orders may be upgraded to a courier delivery as appropriate depending on the size of the order.

    Q. My order never arrived. What can I do about it?
    A. If your order gets lost in the post, you can either have a full refund or a replacement. Due to the postal services not being the most efficient or careful at times, we will not consider an item to be lost until after three weeks for UK deliveries, five weeks for deliveries to Europe and six weeks for deliveries to the rest of the world. These are based on the timescales given by Royal Mail for lost post. Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, if your order has still not arrived, simply notify us stating whether you wish to have a replacement or a refund. This must be done within two months of the original shipping date for UK orders, and three months of the original shipping date for orders from Europe and the rest of the world. After these time scales, no refund or replacement will be given.


    Q. How can I pay for my order?
    A. The primary method for payment is PayPal. PayPal offers buyer's protection so you can buy with confidence. If you are keeping up with the modern age, you can also pay with selected cryptocurrencies. Please get in touch to discuss this and to agree a price. the value of the currencies changes so quickly, that each purchase will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Payment is also accepted via TransferWise or Revolut, but again please get in touch first if you wish to pay using these methods.

    Returns process:

    If your tongue switch or adaptor breaks within 6 months and it wasn't your fault, e.g. it was not due to mistreatment, aggressively pulling on the cable, tampering with the switch, cutting it open, or using it as a bite switch, etc., then a return will be accepted. The same applies to the Blow Switch, but within one year.

    You will be required to send the faulty switch back, and once the returned switch has been received and confirmed faulty through no fault of your own, a replacement will be dispatched as soon as possible. No refund or replacement will be offered if the faulty switch is not returned.

    To initiate a return, please get in contact explaining the situation, and further details will then be provided.

    By purchasing from Sky Switches, you agree to these returns conditions.

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