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  • Tongue switch

    Right angled switch body to route the cable from your mouth towards the left side of your helmet. Less protruding than the Classic Switch, to allow a more compact routing of the cable. Wedge the switch part behind your upper front teeth and grip the body part between your front teeth. Your tongue then presses the switch.

    As standard it comes with a cable approx. 55-60cm in length and a black coloured switch. Custom coloured switches, from a limited range of colours, are available for an additional cost.

    Blow Switch

    Mouth operated switches are subject to oral abuse, but with a Blow Switch, the actual switch is tucked safely away in your helmet. Compact size (only 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 1.2cm, with a 1.1cm connecting spigot), so can be placed in the position of your choosing. Blow down the tube to activate the switch.

    Each Blow Switch comes with a 50cm tube and a cable to connect to your camera. The switch's pressure sensitivity can be adjusted using the included precision screwdriver. Instructions on how to change the sensitivity to your ideal setting are here.

    Conversion adaptors

    Already have your own switch with a 2.5mm jack? Changing camera to one with a different connector? You need a conversion adaptor.

    Comes with a female 2.5mm socket and a male connector of your choice for your new camera. Approx. 20-25cm cable between the socket and connector as standard, but you can choose a custom length for an additional cost.

    Please note that unless requested otherwise, the Sony multi-terminal version of this adaptor comes with the focus and shutter control being crossed, i.e. it is unable to produce "half-press = focus; full press = shutter" functionality. Both signals will be sent at the same time, and the camera will process one then the other automatically.


    Already have a Blow Switch? Changing camera to one with a different connector? Then all you need is a new cable to connect the camera to the Blow Switch.

    The cables comes with the male camera connector on one end, and 4.8mm female spade connectors for connecting to the pins in the Blow Switch on the other end. This way you do not need to change your Blow Switch when you change your camera.

    Rocker Switch

    For those that would rather concentrate on their flying and not worry about pressing a switch with their tongue or applying a blow pressure through a tube, the rocker switch allows you to simply flick a switch and have the camera continuously take shots. Often regarded as a "spray and pray" type approach, this will not be for everyone, but if you are happy with your cameras continuous shots function, this may be something for you.

    Custom orders

    Maybe you are looking for something specific to your situation, or a little different to the normally available? Fancy an adaptor to fire two cameras with the one switch? Or even a twin camera switch? Or maybe blowing isn't your thing, but you really fancy a suction switch instead?! Get in touch with what you want, and I'll assess if we can make it and return with a quote.

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